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What do you do when you’re not coding?

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Marco Chavez
·Sep 11, 2020·

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I read this question on Twitter today. I couldn’t help but feel like almost everything I do involves coding in some way. I know this is kind of a cliche interview answer but if I am not coding, I am usually practicing in my head.

To be honest - I don’t know if this is because I feel an inadequacy, or if I just love coding so much I can spend hours on end doing so.

There are points in time where I do feel like I need to know more then those twitter famous developers whose portfolios are insanely complex and beautiful. But most of the time I understand that it will take time and practice.

I usually take the weekends off from my coding and spend time with my beautiful daughter and fiancé. I love going to San Francisco and imagining that I work at all the huge tech companies that you can just drive past on the highway. Slack and Stripe are some of those tech companies that you can see right off the highway in the financial district. The thought of working on their roof, soaking in all the sunlight while developing their next update excites me and keeps me learning.

What do you do when you’re not coding? No wrong answers.

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