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The dangerous Discord.js

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Marco Chavez
·Sep 8, 2020·

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Lately I've been working a lot with Discord.js

and let me tell you, it's pretty dangerous!

The documentation isn't too great and is sometimes outdated. The JavaScript API is pretty powerful though once you're acquainted with all 500 million object methods you have access too on all the different types of collections they offer... My guess is that they don't have too many people attempting to make contributions to their documentation. I can understand how tough it would be.

Although the API is a little rough to get started with, once you are familiar with how certain things work like the User, Message, and Client objects - you can do quite a lot. I've created bots that automatically assign roles to all users, or only those users who react to certain posts. I have created bots that can query a database and return information that matches up with their ID in Discord. You have complete access to your Discord community through Discord.js with Node.js.

This has lead developers to do amazing things. There is a community hosted website that focuses on outlining the coolest bots available, and the best part is that you can invite them to your servers.

This API for JavaScript follows one of the biggest reasons I love the developer community. There's so much room for freedom. I've worked with many API's that restrict what you have access to with harsh rate limits, or just the inaccessibility to access things that would give you the ability to do awesome stuff.

If you've got any questions about getting started with Discord.js or if you've got questions about how it works feel free to ask. I would be more then happy to have a conversation on it! Thanks for reading.

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