My small break from blogging

Sep 19, 2020ยท

2 min read

Hey everyone, although my last couple of days have been busy I just wanted to take some time to write about what I've been experiencing in my job hunt.

the bads

I tried signing up for Outco, and unfortunately failed their hacker rank test for admittance. I am not as great with algorithms as I thought ๐Ÿ˜•. Luckily I have found extremely helpful websites like leetcode and edabit that helps with practicing algorithms. I also have been watching a YouTube video that goes over common algorithms and data structure specifically for interviews. Not only will working on this skill help me get into Outco in the future, but it should also help me with nailing job interviews. Everything happened for a reason, and this is information I should have studied in the first place so I am grateful for everything that I have learned from this experience.

now lets talk about the goods

I have been picking up clients for my company Hexacomb. We do websites and designs for small businesses in the area! So far I've had 4 clients but I am hoping this number steadily grows. Since I plan on working with more clients in the near future I also started building an application called "Called It!" which will allow my clients to schedule a date when we can meet and have initial discussions about their project.

Normally I wouldn't take a break like this since I am trying to show that I can commit to this blog. But between having my family, full time job, side projects, and clients I am being pulled in too many directions to write something every day. I appreciate the time you are taking to read my post. Thanks!