My experience with Digital Ocean

Not too many people know I am starting my own web consulting business called HexaComb. This business will mostly be focused on the development side of web consulting, but depending on scalability and demand there's a likely chance we will also work with Wordpress.

I needed to start designing something for the website, and decided to get my own droplet on DigitalOcean because it costs significantly less the AWS and offers some of the functionality.

The dashboard

To be completely honest, it was a little confusing at first to understand what everything did. If I hadn't already spoken with people whom already use DigitalOcean I would have not known that a Droplet is the equivalent to an Instance on AWS. Creating droplets afterwards was pretty easy, especially because everything is on the same page whereas with AWS you have multiple screens you need to navigate through before you can get your Instance up and running.

The cost

DigitalOcean offers extremely reasonable pricing, and a 60 day $100 credit for most new users. This is more then enough to cover your needs for that duration (wish it lasted longer because I only spend about $12 a month). From one Droplet on the platform I manage multiple applications on different user accounts.

Side note :

  • Creating users on Ubuntu 20.04 is pretty simple: adduser <username>

Since I manage about 5 different applications on one Droplet at $12 a month, and use 3 different Domain Names, I have nothing but great things to say about the costs associated.

My final opinions

I have absolutely loved my experience with the platform so far. I've found absolute solace in knowing that I can always refer to the tutorial section of the website for any difficulties I might be having with setting something up (more specifically... Nginx). If you're looking to maintain multiple applications in the same place as opposed to having websites across Netlify, Vercel, and Heroku like I used to - then you need to check out DigitalOcean. If you've got any questions about getting started feel free to reach out to me! I am always happy to help.

Welp, this is me signing off.

console.log("Goodbye, world!");