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Hashnode as a blogging platform

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·Sep 11, 2020·

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I feel like I’ve been using hashnode enough to be able to judge it.

Quite honestly, I’ve got nothing but good things to say. I will outline some of my favorite features below.

Using your own domain

The fact that you can find my blog at this location is very unique.

Blogging platform, or job network?

When you join the platform you are soon welcomed by the community. There are a plenty of other developers on this platform who would love to have a chat with you, that’s why there are regular “ask me anything” chats.

Actually writing your posts

When you write your posts on Hashnode you write it in markdown which I’ve always loved. Keeps me on my toes when I am not writing documentation! It helps tremendously with including images and code in your posts.


I’ve joined the discord community and found that everyone is always happy to help. It really has that dev community vibe, since everyone is looking out for each other.

What are you comparing it to?

I’ve tried to use many different blogging platforms but none of them really held onto me as a blogger. Some of those platforms include a GatsbyJS blog, a self written blog, and Wordpress. I’ve stuck with both Hashnode and for my blogging and I really enjoy the both of them. You will always find my on Hashnode first because I feel like its more personal.

If you haven’t already created an account I would highly recommend it!

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