A little about me...

I've been studying software development in JavaScript for the past 2 years. I studied fullstack web development in 2019 for a total 660 hours with an online coding bootcamp called Woz U.

An online coding bootcamp takes a lot of self-motivation, determination, and the huge responsibility of caring about what you are learning. I am constantly practicing my coding abilities and looking for new avenues of learning because I know my failures become experiences that can translate into making someone's life easier. That's what we do for the most part as software developers: build stuff to make things easier for those around us.

I've had jobs in many different industries prior to attending Woz U. I worked as a fast food Worker, Manager, call center Agent, Salesperson, and Security Guard. Each experience I've had I learned from. Fast food taught me to work well in a team, Management taught me how to lead by example and the power of influence, Sales taught me how to communicate with others and ask questions, and Security Guarding taught me how to see past our immediate perceptions of people. I strive to be someone who is always learning.

I absolutely love the tech industry. You can never learn enough. I've made enough mistakes to know that I would be a wonderful addition to a development team.